Kayaking & Tubing

With Nam Song river flowing through the heart of town, Vang Vieng is expectedly an aquatic paradise.
Tubing: Vang Vieng's most famous attraction, tubing is a must-do when you're at Vang Vieng. Many visitors can spend half a day tubing, as they get lost in the mystic and serenity of Nam Song river. Whether you're tubing to check it off your bucket-list, soak in the scenery, or hop between bars with friends, there are strategies to maximise your enjoyment.
Kayaking: Tackle the rapids around Vang Vieng by choosing between half-day runs down the Nam Song to multi-day camping trips. There are multiple registered companies offer kayaking with lessons for paddlers of all abilities. Couple Vang Vieng’s spectacular scenery with silence and solitude.